EURARE events

 The EURARE partners at the meeting in Edinburgh. Copyright Kathryn Goodenough.
EURARE project team at the meeting hosted by RWTH Aachen.
EURARE project team at the GTK laboratories in Finland.

Upcoming Events

09/11/2017: Final EURARE project progress meeting in Brussels.

EURARE past events

28-31/05/2017: Second European Rare Earth Resources Conference in Santorini, Greece.

06-07/12/2016: Seventh Progress Meeting in Edinburgh, UK.

06-08/06/2016: Sixth Progress Meeting in Uppsala, Sweden.

03-04/12/2015: Fifth Progress Meeting in Aachen, Germany.

05-10/06/2015: Rare Earths 2016, Sapporo, Japan.

28-29/04/2015: Fourth Progress Meeting in Finland (GTK).

03-04/09/2014: Third Progress Meeting in Milos, Greece

04-06/09/2014: First European Rare Earth Resources Conference in Milos, Greece

18-19/12/2013: Second Progress Meeting in Leuven (KUL)

17-18/06/2013: First Progress Meeting in Copenhagen (GEUS)

11-12/02/2013: Project Kick-off meeting in Athens (NTUA)

01/01/2013: The EURARE project begins